Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Races of the XXVth Century --Lunarians, Venusians, and Mercurians


Lunarians have been mildly altered to be shorter than Terrans, with compact, slender frames. Original modifications made their eyes more sensitive, but Lunarians have evolved to the point where their visual ability exceeds even that of the Martians. Their bodies have also been altered to accept the lower gravity of Luna without harmful side effects.

Lunarian characters start with a d6 in the Smarts attribute. The Lunarian society prides itself on the intelligence and coolheadedness of its culture. As previously mentioned the Lunarians are an extremely well adapted to dark environments. Therefore they begin with Low Light Vision .

Living their lives entirely in the tunnels and dome cities of the Moon has led Lunarians to become more succeptible to the effects of sunlight. All Lunarians suffer from the Light Sensitive hinderance as described in Evernight.


Mildly altered humans, Venusians tend to be Asiatic in appearance, with small, narrow eyes and long, thick hair. The ears are smaller and close to the head; the eyes are gene tailored with a nictating membrane (it covers the eyes when desired) to protect against acid rains providing Venusians with +2 to Vigor rolls when resisting blinding attacks (such as a called shot to the eyes). Venus's atmospheric pressure produces heavier, stronger body frames in its natives giving Venusians +1 Toughness. Due to their adaptation to the high temperatures of Venus, Venusians are more easily effected by cold temperatures. Cold based attacks do +2 damage to Venusian characters due to their Thin Skinned nature.


Mercurians are a polyglot mixture of Terrans (mostly), Martians, and a few Venusians. Because of interbreeding over the years since the planet was settled, the Martians and Venusian physical traits have been "humanized" to the point where they are nonexistent. Mercurians are gene-tailored for stockiness, which saves space in their underground warrens, but their other distinctive characteristics are more a product of environment than genetic manipulation.

Due to their constant exposure to the heightened temperature of Mercury (even through 100's of feet of rock) Mercurians gain +2 Toughness vs. Heat and Heat based attacks. The polyglot nature of Mercurian society makes Mercury's natives particularly adept at persuasion and negotiations so they receive +2 to all persuasion and streetwise checks. Like Venusians, denizens of Mercury suffer from the Thin Skinned hinderance.

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