Thursday, December 09, 2004

Races of the XXVth Century -- Terrans and Martians

Listed below in Savage format are the Races of the 1990 Buck Rogers in the XXVth Century game.


Earth based humans are the least genetically modfied of the future races. As such they operate as per Savage Worlds Revised page 12.


Martians are one of the many races that are mildly altered from the human norm. Martians tend to be slender and fine-boned, with long legs (a product of growing up in the low gravity of Mars as opposed to actual genetic changing). They have large, deep chests and noses with wide nostrils, improving their ability to breathe the extremely thin Martian atmosphere. Their eyes are large and sensitive to very low amounts of light, and their ears have been enlarged to better capture sound. The Martian upper classes also indulge in genetailoring for esthetics, so many wealthy individuals are almost inhumanly beautiful.

They are often slightly more agile than Terrans (though not enough for a higher starting stat), but are far more perceptive and thus begin play with the Alertness and Low Light Vision edges. Though they are more succeptible to ailments, especially disease and heat and therefore suffer from the Anemic hinderance (though the penalties don't apply to radiation based illness or effects).

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