Monday, January 10, 2005

Savage Setting...

Age of Thumos

The Heroes of Antiquity are dead!

No longer does the swift Achilles fight demigods at the foot of the walls of Ilium. The labors of Herakles are are fables from the past. Oedipus defeat of the Sphinx is the background of a tragic play. The workings of men are free from the machinations of the gods. Leonidas, descendant of Herakles, died fifty years ago at the Battle of Thermopylae; his deeds were the great, but the Blood of Heroes runs thin. The unity of the Greek states is crumbling and the Peloponnesus is on the verge of war.

At least the great threat from Persia has finally been vanquished…or has it?

Through political machinations and other unknown means, the Persian Empire is escalating the conflicts between Athens and Sparta. Using Athens’ desire for empire and Sparta’s slave dependant systems as kindling She stokes the fires between these great cities. To make matters worse, farmers in the smaller city-states are claiming to be victims of legendary creatures. The ruling bodies of Sparta and Athens dismiss such claims as superstition and blame the opposing city for performing raids.

Persia is well known for its dark magical practices and she seeks control of the mystic sites of Peloponnesus. The war between Athens and Sparta is inevitable, even without Persian influence it will escalate and encompass all of Greece. But the loss of mystic sites to Persian sorcerers is not.

But who is capable of defending these sites in a world where great heroes are only legend?

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